A Blessing for the New Year

Lord, as now we face the next New Year, Let it be a time of grace: For family and friends A year of blessings that increase; A year of favour […]

Our Sincere Thanks

The year 2020 will be a year we will all want to forget. This pandemic has presented us all with many challenges. The familiar pattern of community & family support […]

Crossmolina Parish – Christmas Mass Times

Church                                  Christmas Eve                                Christmas Day Crossmolina                            4.00pm                                                9.00am                                                 6.00pm                                                11.30am                                                 8.00pm Kilmurry                                  4.00pm                                                11.30am Eskeragh                                 6.00pm                                                9.00am Keenagh                                  8.00pm                                                10.15am In order to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines, parishioners […]

Online Interactive Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar:  The first day of Advent heralds the beginning of the Catholic Church’s New Year.  Advent (from ‘ad-venire’ in Latin or “to come to”) is the Church season encompassing […]

A message from Pope Francis

“We must be very attentive to the prescriptions of the authorities, both the political authorities and health     authorities, in order to protect ourselves against this pandemic. Let us offer to […]

St Vincent de Paul – Annual Appeal

The raw reality of Covid-19 has touched the lives of all of us in recent months. A significant number of people have contracted the virus and, unfortunately, some have died […]

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